MemDB Technology provides the following services:

  1. Tailor-made software: According to the clients requirement, we tailor-made software to help client manage their data efficiently. For example, the trial version of MemDB in the Download page is a kind of such application.

  2. Consultant: We help our clients to solve database problem. For example, how to increase the efficiency of the database? our to share the data to all users etc.

  3. Web Stress Test: You may have web and application server in your company. Do you know how reliable of your system and how many concurrent users that your system can support? Web stress test can help to find the solution. We provide the web stress test service to our customers. We have technique and experience to help our customer to perform the web stress test and identify the bottleneck of your current web and application server. Your traditional database system is often a bottleneck. Then our three-tier or multi-tier memory database solution may help you to scale up your current system to support more concurrent users.

Charge of services

We provide first FREE consultancy to all our customers. Our Database System (MemDB) and Web Server (MemWS) are FREE of charge. We only charge you the second or latter consultancy, the system customization and support. We can discuss it in more detail during the first consultancy.


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