MemDB Technology Company is developing the technology on Memory Database System continueously. Now, two products have been developed to help our customers to manage their data efficiently.

MemDB Engine

An memory database engine, called MemDB, on Memory Database System has been developed. It is stable, reliable and fast. MemDB Technology Company uses this engine to implement different memory database applications for our customers.

MemDB Web Server

MemDB Technology Company has also developed our own web server (MemWS) which can be executed in Windows (Win9X, WinNT and Win2000) platforms. This web server is mainly designed for our MemDB and can be embedded with the MemDB engine. This can reduce some overheads of other web servers and thus increase the performance. Moreover, our web server can log and block the incoming requests and all the database accesses like what the firewall does. This server is useful for Web-To-Database applications.

Tailor made Sofware

MemDB Technology Company has developed the following tailor-made softwares (Chinese Interface) according to the requirements of our customers:

  1. MemSurvey: Design an online survey or any data from website to database application easily by writing two web pages
  2. MemAcc: A fast and easy to use Accouting System.
  3. MemCRM: Manage your customer information.
  4. MemCheck: Print Check.
  5. MemEnv: Print Envelope.
  6. MemCheque: Print Cheque and Envelope, broadcast email.
  7. MemDB: MemDB Memory Datbase System.
  8. MemBarcode: Print Code 128, EAN128, Code 93 and Code 39 barcode using any printer..
  9. MemEmailFilter: This program can filter unwanted emails using user-defined rules.

System requirements

Compatible Operating Systems:

Windows 95, Windows 98,Windows XP
Windows 2000/2003 Professional/Server,Windows Me

Hardware: 486 or Pentium class computer with min. 16MB RAM



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